TDM International specializes in comprehensive solutions to complex in-circuit and functional test problems. Our test products ARE NOT generic, "out of the can" ATG solutions. Our Unique Technical Accomplishments Follow.

  • Development of our own CAD translators.

  • Integration of FCT into ICT with low cost techniques.

  • Development of SW and method to reverse engineer CAD and develop ICT fixture/tests in 7 days, beginning to end.

  • Development of noise/glitch based A2D ICT tests.

  • Development of practical DAC Monotonicity tests.

  • Interleave of test activities to shorten test and handling time is our specialty.

  • Development of LEDVision™ for use offline or within ICT.

  • TDM Continuous Test Flow™ method for cutting tester idle time and handling time to near zero between tests. The result is a 30% or more test capacity improvement.

  • Development of micro controller fixture automation techniques via USB contol.

  • Development of embedded SD card testing and formatting at ICT.

  • Models for testing and programming Renesas, MSP430 and Freescale devices.

  • Development of UNIBURST™ flash loading techniques that do NOT require editing of the test program and recompiling of it when firmware changes. Also, most microcontrollers are programmable with our software.

  • Usage of microcontrollers to parallelize test operations to save test time. While firmware loads an IoT module boots and we have a dialog with it. Configuration and provisioning commands are sent.

  • Development of several different techniques to test SIM devices. Including our software UART to tease data from an oversampled serial stream of data with an ambiguous baud rate.

  • DFT engaged with designers or analysis, to make boards and chips and firmware meet overall ICT and FCT test goals. Beyond mere DFT.

  • Implementation of many different self test schemes for various customers at ICT.

  • Frequency and Voltage varied 4 corner FCT at ICT Applied to major computer company channel cards, Full ICT, JTAG, FW Diagnostic Self Test, FCT, Soft Switch Breaker, Vital Product Data. Installed in Italy, Brazil, USA.

  • Major Computer company LSSD self tests LFSR/MISR, clocked with external pulse generator at up 40 MHz performed at ICT.

TDM can test for more faults and TDM can make your tester do it faster and with greater efficiency. Call us!

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