Our Standard Service Offerings...

          Turnkey installation anywhere in the world! We happily install in Juarez, Mexico!
          Test Program Maintenance, Debug. ECM Product Transfers.
          Testability Consultations; Electrical, Logical, Layout and Fixture considerations
          GenRad / Teradyne 228x / TS8x In-Circuit (ICT) and / or Functional (FCT) or BIST
          ISP, FLASH, EEPROM, and SEEPROM. (Fixed data or complex dynamic applications.)
          ISP microcontroller programming - data conversion, loading algorithms, etc.
          Device and UUT Boundary Scan
          Junction Express, Opens Express
          Custom Test Development, Analog Test is a Specialty! (ICA and AFTM)
          227x Test Generation and 227x Migration to 228x
          GPIB Instrument Integration
          1mm, 50mil, 75mil, 2mm, 100mil, and Coaxial Probe Experience and Capabilities
          International Installation and Support
          Engineering Design Services for PCBs and FPGAs.
          GENCAM to GENCAD translation software or service.
          GENCAD data synthesis for boards with no design data.
          Reverse engineering old products to new tests also synthesizing GENCAD.
          GENCAD Fixing Service. Allows all circuit entities to show in your GENCAD viewer.
           Many of today's CAD to GENCAD translators don't comply with older GENCAD viewer requirements.
          IPC Standards training for soldering. Also, process and rework development and qualification.

In addition to these standard services you might expect to find at any turn-key in-circuit test supplier,
note our list of related Products and Specialties. Call for a complete discussion.

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