Our Products and Specialties... TDM is "different".

          A TDM exclusive, the revolutionary Walnut Hill Test, Min-Stress™ test fixture. (Patent Pending)
          This test fixture technology can lower the strain readings in a fixture to fixture comparison
          by 30% and up to 50%, in certain cases. This is significant in a double sided probing
          situations with no-PB (RoHS) solder. Also, this fixture eliminates the dynamics of stress and strain.
          Ringing and spikes of stress and strain on actuation and deactuation are eliminated. The user will
          notice that the unspeakable rude noises on actuation of competitors products that are indicative of
          stress are eliminated.

          Want to maximize the capacity of your Tester? Don't like idle time on your GenRad 228x
          or Teradyne TestStation? Consider TDM CTF™ - Continuous Test Flow Technology,
          this proprietary test technology will keep your tester busier and your productivity higher.

          LEDVision™ UUT LED color and intensity system. Many LEDs on your UUT?
          Want assurance all are the same hue? Need to make sure brightness is consistent?
          Want to read a display as text? LEDVision™ is for you. TDM can lower your cost to test LEDs.

          TDMServe™ "Bullet Proof" Assignment, Allocation and Programming of MAC Address,
          FCS WWN / WWID, Infiniband GUID, IEEE-1394, MAC-48, EUI-48, EUI-64, SAS-ID
          These are portable, secure, robust and traceable solutions.

          GetTestSet™ - Test Data Server Software. Make your testers universal.

          UNI-BURST™ FLASH Load Software. No program retranslation necessary for data changes.

          VPD - Vital Product Data Synthesis Applications.

          In-Circuit Test Programs and Fixtures from the finest manufacturers made to TDM standards.
          Functional Test can in some cases be integrated to reduce handling in your process.

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