Our History... Associate Profiles...

Our Staff of associates variously former employees of IBM, Compaq, GenRad and Teradyne has over 100 years of experience in the electronics industry. This exceptional experience base allows our team to get the highest testability on GenRad TS/228x Combinational/ICT Testers. Our ICT and FCT specialties can best be described by one word: "prodigious". We can provide references to back that word up.

We specialize in advice and analysis on the design, while the chips, boards and modules are at the concept stage. By influencing these product design aspects early, we can strongly influence the yield performance in manufacturing. We have the depth of experience to carry these activities to completion in manufacturing.

We can serve whatever your needs are for test, from the most simple in-circuit application to the most complex in-circuit and functional test applications.

Jurandir Frare - Brasil, SP
    34 years in the Electronics Industry
    3 years at Compaq
    4+ years at GenRad and Teradyne
    3 years in ATE sales and consulting.

K. George Deitz - United States, NY
    Founder, TDM International
    32 years in the Electronics Industry
    12 years of operation of TDM International.

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