TDM has installed our first standalone FCT fixtures in a major ECM account for a major medical (USA FDA controlled) OEM in Malaysia.

TDM has installed our microcontroller IoT test assist in ICT fixtures in a major ECM account for a major medical (USA FDA controlled) OEM in Malaysia. The solution exploits parallelism to save ~12 seconds of test time. We boot the IoT module before we start loading firmware in the application UUT microcontroller using the GenRad/Teradyne system and DSM. During this time, our own test fixture test assist microcontroller is waiting for the IoT device to be ready. Once this happens, all of our testing dialog takes place. The IoT device is tested, parameters are set, the SIM is tested, and unique numbers are logged. All in parallel with the firmware load. A major achievement for 10 testers and fixtures running 2 million boards per year!

TDM International announces our capability to test IoT Devices at ICT!
- Basic functionality of all IoT GSM/UMTS/LTE chipsets.
- Acquire and log unique identifiers according to board serial number.
- Ability to "provision" GSM/UMTS/LTE chipsets.
- Testing of SIM to GSM/UMTS/LTE chipset interface.
- Experience with several brands and models. (Telit, Gemalto, et.al.)
- Ability to perform chipset firmware updates.
- Special function configuration abilities.
- Direct SIM chip functional testing from ICT tester.

TDM International announces our capability to perform parallel testing and processing at ICT!
- Make use of the other available cores and threads in your Tester Controller (PC)!
- Use of in-fixture embedded micro controllers to perform test functions on booted devices such as IoT devices while other ICT test functions execute.

TDM International announces our capability to embed microcontrollers in our fixtures.
These microcontrollers can:
- Test and format SD cards.
- Act as mux repeaters to automate and test devices with serial ports.
- LIN Bus controllers and testers. We beat the off the shelf solution for throughput!
- CAN Bus controllers and testers.
- Execution of RS485 based Self Tests.
- Control of fixture indicators and muxes.
- Many others...

TDM International announces our capability to test SIM/SMART cards at ICT. Using tester electronics only.

TDM International announces our exclusive promotion of the revolutionary Walnut Hill Min-Stress™ test fixture. This test fixture cuts PCB strain by up to 50% and eliminates the spikes in strain at actuation. We also announce our TDM Continuous Test Flow Technology™. This technology can increase your tester productivity by 10% to 20% in high production environments.

TDM International announces our LEDVision™ system of LED color and intensity detection. This product is much lower in cost than LED sensors when a UUT has more than 25 LEDs and they cannot be individually controlled. TDM is prepared to ship this product and service in October of 2011.

TDM International announces an alliance to provide assembly process development, rework process development and training. All according to IPC standards. All work, training and consulatations provided by an IPC certified instructor.

TDM International announces the capability to program ATMEL AVR ATmega microcontrollers via their SPI interface.

TDM International is now a provider of Engineering Design Services for PCBs and FPGAs.

TDM International now has a location in Charlotte, NC. You can reach us there at +704.248.8183.

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